How to Create Your Own Avatar Online

We'll tell you how to create your very own digital avatar with these 15 free illustration systems!

Jay Perlman

There is absolutely no denying it: having your own avatar is freakin' rad! Any app or user experience that features a fun digital avatar almost always becomes 10x more delightful.

That's why we're stoked to feature a variety of collections where you can make your very own doodle avatar—just like they did:

The Blush community and their avatars created by using different illustration packs

These diverse collections made by artists around the world have avatar generators that can easily capture everyone's digital identity. So whether you have 3 eyeballs or even lavender colored skin, check out for yourself which collection has the characteristics you need to meet your doodle avatar.

1. 'People of Brooklyn' by Laura Supnik

Rockin' a mohawk? What about a big bushy blonde beard? If you have either of these or a different look that screams hipness, then 'People of Brooklyn' could have the avatar that's perfect for you! Also, it has a ton of doodle details like masks, headphones, and trendy glasses.

2. 'Cool Kids' by Irene Falgueras

If you have a bold and vibrant disposition, then your ideal avatar could be in 'Cool Kids'. These characters have features that make for strong and chill vibes, which perhaps sounds like someone you know? cough cough wink wink

3. 'Allura' by Vijay Verma

There's more than one way to have a colorful personality! 'Allura' has an avatar generator that captures the essence of those who have bubbly and bright features that light up a room. Plus, this 'Allura' is full of trendy looks to go along with the warmth and charm of the collection.

4. 'Dayflow' by Pau Barbaro

There is no shortage of charisma with the 'Dayflow' avatars. Stylish hairdos and quirky expressions are sometimes all you need to get the full look you're searching for in your avatar identity.

5. 'Open Peeps' by Pablo Stanley

Everyone should have access to creating their own doodle avatars, even cyclops or people with THREE beautiful eyeballs! 'Open peeps' has a feature selection that's diverse, super-fun, and full of chic fits.

6. 'Stuck at Home' by Maria Gonzalez Vega

We all have that one friend who has a face that is the essence of chillness. Heck, maybe you are that friend! In either case,  customizable illustration in 'Stuck at Home' create avatars that exude a care-free and happy vibe with trendy hairstyles, awesome add-ons, and other dope features.

7. 'Tutto Ricco' by Jorge Margarido

You gotta be one smooth cat in order to pull off the 'Tutto Ricco' avatar, but we know that you flashy fellas are out there! Now you can finally get your bubblegum-blowing doodle version of yourself that you've been waiting for.

8. 'Happy Bunch' by Pablo Stanley

Astronaut avatars welcome in 'Happy Bunch'! This clever group of doodles has a diverse set of characteristics to create avatars with a unique and confident look. Also, we made sure that if you absolutely MUST have a cupcake on your head, well, then your wish is our command!

9. 'Power Moves' by Isabela Humphrey

To those who find themselves making their avatar with 'Power Moves', you clearly are a showstopper! Electric hues and slick features are exactly what you'll find here when creating your digital self.

10. 'Avatars' by Pablo Stanley

'Avatars' only in this collection! This dope system of fun illustrations is made exclusively for revealing your doodle doppelgänger, and for finally showing that delightful digital identity to the rest of the world!

11. 'Fresh Folk' by Leni Kauffman

These illustrations are human to the core with diverse and inclusive looks. So if you want your avatar to have that natural and high-fidelity look, 'Fresh Folk' is where it's at for you're looking for.

12. 'Friendly Ones' by Diana Aguilar Ortiz

Simply put, these cute lil' doodles make for some seriously delightful avatars. Seriously, if you find yourself making your digital identity in 'Friendly Ones', you might be the sweetest person ever.

13. 'Open Figures' by Bonnie Kate Wolf

Not finding that look that actually speaks to your true personality? 'Open Figures' might be the answer with this range of stylish and eclectic illustrations. Even with avatars, there are no limitations to self-expression.

14. 'Shiny Happy' by Brandon Mendoza

Straight up, these avatars will rock your socks off with a smile. The doodles in 'Shiny Happy' are clean, fun, and packed with that positive mental attitude that your avatar deserves.

15. 'Street Life' by Yong

For those with an edge, a spunky vibe, or just wicked cool, 'Street Life' avatars are a no-nonsense bunch of doodles. If you want to go against the standard look and go with a different set of characteristics, head this way.

The Beauty of Making Avatars

Now that you have a long list of potential suitors for your doodled-up face, let's take a moment to highlight the fact that avatars have plenty of uses other than just personal enjoyment. Here are some of the best ways to use avatars in a product, website, or app:

  • Create a digital story for your brand
  • Connect with users and customers in an empathetic way
  • Increase the awareness of fluid identity
  • Build communities that are visible and interactive

But there is even more! Avatars open up the digital landscape in so many ways, and the more you work with them, the more you can see how useful this personalized illustrations can be.

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