Doodles are a superpower

We believe that everyone has creative talent hidden within them. It's our mission to help people discover their superpower.

We all have a story to tell

Creativity is something that lives inside of everyone, but sometimes we just need a little help unlocking it.

That's why Blush was born. Finally, a design tool that's easy to use, affordable, super-fun, and most importantly, helps people uncover their creative powers.

The Blush Bunch

We're a bunch of folks who absolutely love illustrations, tech and making beautiful creations. Not all of us are designers, but our passion for helping people unleash their creative superpowers is unmatched!

Blush Backers

None of this would be possible without the help of our awesome investors!

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Chris Messina
Oktay Caglar
Jeff Morris Jr
Clark Valberg
Mamoon Hamid
Jason Calacanis
Paul Lee
Vlad Magdalin

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Our team is distributed throughout the world. From sunny San Francisco to magical Madrid, our crew is diverse, passionate, and dedicated to revealing the creative genius inside everyone while supporting artists around the globe!

Dig the mission? We’re growing our squad of doodle junkies and looking to add talented people!

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