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About Blush

About Blush

What is Blush?

Blush is a tool that brings illustrations to everyone from artists around the world. The cool thing is that you can customize every piece of an illustration to create your own compositions! Our goal is to make art more accessible to all while championing illustrators and the importance of art in digital experiences.

Is it a Plugin? Web app?

Blush is available as a plugin on Figma and Sketch making it easy for designers to play with illustration in their design tool—without losing context, in the canvas. Blush is also available as a Web App, so anyone can download illustrations and add them to their creations. Imagine creating a banner for your blog posts, bringing some flair to your slides, and adding some visuals to your graphs!

What about other plugins and apps?

Blush will be soon available as a plugin in Sketch and XD. We’re also looking to create a Chrome Extension too, so you can add illustrations to your slides, blog posts, and other stuff like that :)

Is it free?

Yes! We have a forever-free plan that allows you to use high-quality PNG images for personal and commercial purposes—worry-free. Just create an account to access them. There is also a paid plan for those who need SVG, more control over the layers, print resolution, and other advanced functionality.

Wait, really? Free? Why?

Yes, seriously. Free! You can use our illustrations for personal and commercial purposes. Why? We want to give everyone the ability to bring illustrations into their creations. We see every screen as a canvas waiting for you to turn it into something beautiful. Just mix-and-match the art of illustrators around the world, and create your own compositions. We recommend going to our Artists Page to see some our talented artists!

What does the paid plan give you?

The paid plan is for those who need vector illustrations as SVGs (resolution-free.) This gives you control over every layer in the illustration. Perfect for creating specific illustrations, changing specific colors, or creating animations. The paid plan also offers print-resolution PNGs and other advanced functionality.

Do I need to give attribution?

Short answer, no. You don’t need to attribute Blush or the artist. But, we think that the artist would appreciate if you give them credit wherever you’re using their illustrations, and maybe a link to their Blush profile or their site. Every collection has a link to the Artist Profile so you can learn more about them. But we understand that putting attribution can be difficult sometimes, so NO, you don’t have to do this :)

Can I use my colors?

We’re adding functionality so you can customize the colors of every illustration to fit your brand. You just enter your palette, and boom, we adjust the colors of every collection to have your look and feel. This is going to be available in the coming weeks!


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