The Power of Doodles: A Guide to Customizable Illustrations

Mix and match illustrations can be the key to unleashing your creative genius.

Jay Perlman

So you just started a new project. You're feeling amazing and super-excited about all the awesome things you're going to accomplish! You've been putting in the leg work to make your dream a reality and all the pieces are in place except one key thing... the visuals.

Perhaps, like many of us, you don't possess an artistic bone in your body. Maybe even the idea of "designing" or making something "visually appealing" makes you break out into a nervous sweat.

If you're reading this, however, you probably know that there is a solution to this creative anxiety you may be feeling: a massive library of customizable illustrations that you can mix and match the needs for your projects.

Like Brazuca for example:

It's possible that you've heard of some of the power that comes with customizable illustrations, but have you ever really considered all the ways that complete creative control of your doodles can help your projects beyond the visual aspect? Probably not!

That's what we're here to do today: to give you a deeper look at all the ways that customizable illustrations can turn your creative nightmares into gorgeous realities.

Your Guide to Custom Illustrations

Doodles can make presentations, websites, apps, social media, pitch decks, and other projects absolutely stunning. In a way, Blush illustrations are like having your own personal artist at your side at all times.

So let's go beyond on how these creative assets can replace your inability to draw, and focus on a number of other ways that mixable and matchable illustrations can work wonders for you.

1. Custom doodles are for non-designers too!

There's a widespread misconception that creating high-level visuals requires a degree in design or years and years of design background. No!

Just like the trend of no-code tools that are enabling non-technical entrepreneurs to build apps and websites, the rise of customizable illustrations is giving creative power to amateurs and professionals alike.

The pre-made illustrations by professional artists are the key here; instead of needing starting from scratch with every doodle, you're given the hand-drawn components beforehand. Your magic touch comes in when you choose how to personalize the customizable illustrations, which simply takes a few clicks.

croods illustrations by Vijay Verma
Illustration Collection: Croods

2. They help ship projects fast

It's no mystery that trying to get your projects done quickly is tough. It becomes even tougher when the project needs to look clean and visually appealing. Plus, when there is a time crunch to deliver your project, things become rushed and the end result often comes out sloppy.

Customizable illustrations have already saved countless hours that would have otherwise been wasted trying to create visuals from scratch.

Animation of designing an interface on a mobile app using Shiny Happy illustrations

The complete control and super-quick creative abilities you get with customizable illustrations allow you to focus your energy on other aspects of your project, which in turn will leave your final product sharper and more appealing.

No more months of sleepless nights constructing a masterful piece of art.

3. Custom illustrations are unique & adaptable

Another common belief associated with customizable illustrations is that they lack authenticity. Once again, it's time to dispel this little myth.

Customizable illustrations don't just mean having creative control over one element. No, way! It means that each part and each element can be remixed in countless different ways. Check this doodle character for example👇

Gif of an illustration from the collection Amigos being customized

As you can see, you control literally every little detail of your character like hair, clothing, accessories, or even adding a giant pencil to the mix! The combinations you have at your finger tips are limitless!

What's even better is that this creative control isn't just limited to characters. Heck no! You can change up the scenes by adding different objects to the layout, mixing and matching furniture and changing the background completely, like so:

Gif of a doodle scene being customized using the illustration in the collection The Little Things

And voilĂ ! You have customized each aspect of your doodle masterpiece from character to scene, and made a 100% unique creation that can be used on any project you choose!

4. They speed up your workflow

You need to use your brand colors? That can be done in seconds! Let's take a look at the color filters feature we used in the example below:

With a few simple clicks, you can literally change the entire color scheme of your composition to match your brand aesthetics.

Blush features help remove steps in the design process that are redundant and repetitive, which means your smooth sailing for your design process.

5. Customizable illustrations are versatile

You could be thinking that these mix and match doodles only work on digital projects. I'm here to tell you that is not the case, because custom illustrations work for tons of projects outside of the digital realm!

Customizing illustrations for a postcard using Dayflow illustrations.
Customizing doodles for postcards.

Here's a short list of examples where customizable illustrations work great with a physical product or project:

When we do think about this list in terms of digital projects as well, it is almost endless. Plus, you can use all of your creations and customized doodles across all aspects of your project, so your visuals stay consistent and on-brand no matter where you choose to put them.

Remixed Doodles in the Wild

We get that it's nice to have some examples of how people are crushing their compositions with customizable illustrations. That's why we scoured the Blush community for some awesome examples of how designers are putting their own personal touch on these doodles.

Check out this super-slick site by The Equality Institute for example:

Example of a custom composition by an artist using the illustration collection Humaaans

The designer here used Humaaans illustrations, but applied their own vision to the colors, textures, and features which is what make it a one-of-a-kind masterpiece!

Or take this dope combination of illustrations by another Makr.Tech:

Custom composition using the Blush illustration collection Cool Kids

This design is a delightful twist on the Cool Kids collection featuring a gradient style that makes the whole piece pop.

Custom Illustrations Are For Everyone

A winning project is a project that delivers a message, and visuals will often play a huge role in delivering whatever message you are trying to get across. Emails, presentations, pitch decks, social media, and anything that needs a magical touch can benefit from your newfound artistic powers of custom doodles!

But before I depart, it should be said that customizing illustrations isn't just for professional projects. Heck no! Sometimes, playing around with doodles is just good ol' fashion fun that everyone can enjoy.

So go make those beautiful compositions! Give your creations the details that you want them to have! The doodle world is your artistic oyster, and we want to see these artistic pearls you create! Tweet us what you make, because we want to see it!

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