11 Figma Plugins to Supercharge Your Designs

Figma is one of the best design tools available, and that is largely thanks to the incredible library of plugins. But which are the best?

Jay Perlman

In the competitive world of design tools, Figma is the new kid on the block. But even though it's relatively fresh on the scene, Figma is quickly becoming an indispensable addition for designers and creators of all skill levels.

One reason why Figma is so loved is because it gives makers the ability to collaborate on the same design files from anywhere in the world in real-time. This is revolutionary and a huge step towards improving workflow and collaborative design processes.

Another key reason why people love Figma is the huge library of design plugins.

Figma plugins give users huge amounts of creative power for their projects. Everything from adding icons to spellchecking your copy on your canvas is available, which means that creators have all the tools available to produce professional-looking designs.

When we say the library of plugins is huge, we mean it! This means that finding the best ones for your designs can be tricky. While we couldn't test all of them (yet), we went on a mission to find which ones we believe the Blush community will love the most.

Top Plugins for Improving Your Design Workflow

Before considering which were the best, we weighed a variety of different factors like:

  • Ease of use
  • How much it improves workflow
  • Versatility
  • Overall usefulness

After some serious research and testing by our team, these are our 11 favorite Figma plugins that we think creators like yourself will absolutely love.

1. Lorem Ipsum

Lorem Ipsum plugin for Figma

Text is a key part of creating gorgeous and professional-looking projects!

That's where Lorum Ipsum steps in: this nifty plugin generates and fills in dummy text for all of your text layers. For projects that need placeholder text, Lorem Ipsum is a lifesaver.

With Blush illustrations and templates, plus Lorem Ipsum dummy text, you can quickly get a visual sense of what your projects will look like in their final form.

2. Batch Styler

Batch Styler plugin for Figma

For projects that need multiple styles of text styles and color, it can be a pain to have to edit each detail one at a time. Batch Styler knows just how irritating that can be, so they went ahead and solved this issue with their handy plugin.

The way it works is pretty simple: with the built-in features, Batch Styler allows you to change multiple text and color styles at once. You can select multiple fonts and make unique changes to them without disrupting font weights.

Same with colors: changing multiple hues, saturation, lightness, alpha, and hex can be done with bulk edits in just a few clicks.

So if you're looking to edit elements in hyper-speed, Batch Styler is patiently waiting for you.

3. Rename It

Rename It plugin for Figma

Keeping track of layers and frames in Figma can be tough even for seasoned designers. The plugin Rename It is a solid solution to this nagging problem.

Rename It keeps files organized with batch renaming of layers and frames. More specifically, here are the features it offers:

  • Renaming multiple layers
  • Sequentially renaming layers
  • Copying layers easily
  • Replace any word(s) or character(s) from selected layers.

These features are great for helping speed workflow up, and keep your mind focused on the result, instead of sweating over organizing your files!

4. A11y Color Contrast Checker

A11y Color Contrast Checker plugin for Figma

We've spoken a lot about the importance of an inclusive web, but when creating projects that are accessible for all, A11y Color Contrast Checker is a must-have.

In their own words, "this plugin checks the color contrast ratio of all visible text in a frame, and it provides feedback on whether it meets WCAG’s AA and/or AAA level compliance."

It can't be stressed enough how important accessibility is, so make sure that you get this plugin ASAP.

5. Brandfetch

Brandfetch plugin for Figma

As a creator, sometimes you need logos and assets from other brands. The problem arises when trying to find a quality logo or asset on the internet, and you end up downloading a pixelated or low-quality version of what you're looking for.

Brandfetch swoops in like a boss to solve this issue. With this dope plugin, all you have to do is type in a company name, fetch its brand's assets, and you're ready to start inserting them into your own work.

The best part is that the assets you find with Brandfetch are all top quality, so you don't have to worry about your projects looking sketchy or unprofessional.

6. Morph

Morph plugin for Figma

Adding effects to designs like gradients, neon style, skewed looks, and reflections has always been a fun part of the creative process. Morph knows this, which is why they made a plugin that allows users to add stylistic effects to their creations.

Morph is a great way to add pizazz to designs that need a little extra flare. Plus, while it's a blast to work with, it's also user-friendly. Customizing effects takes few clicks, and later you're left with a unique design with rad effects.

7. Iconify

Iconify plugin for Figma

With a library of over 50,000 icons, Iconify is quickly becoming the go-to plugin for designers searching for the right set of icons for their designs. Here's specifically what Iconify offers:

  • Material Design Icons
  • FontAwesome
  • Jam Icons
  • EmojiOne
  • Twitter Emoji
  • And more!

It has over 60 sets of icons, meaning that whatever you need for your projects, Iconify probably has it, plus some sweet alternatives.

In terms of usefulness, Iconify is close to the top of the list. It's a plugin that can drastically accelerate workflow, especially for UI projects.

8. WebGradients

WebGradients plugin for Figma

If you're like us, you are a big fan of using color gradients on your digital creations. WebGradients is a plugin that makes adding gradient-style backdrops to your content a quick process. Some of the most recognizable company names in the world are even turning to this plugin:

  • IBM
  • Disney
  • InVision
  • Microsoft
  • Apple

It just goes to show that this tool is enjoyed by beginners and professionals alike. What's better is that there are 180 color options to choose from for your gradients, so you can have your own unique blend for your compositions.


SPELLL plugin for Figma

We all make spelling errors from time to time, which is exactly why  SPELLL is the ultimate plugin for making sure that your copy is correct and in final form.

Similar to spell-check in Google Docs, SPELLL is constantly scanning your creations for errors, so you don't have to worry about this plugin missing any typos. It's the fastest way to ensure that your spelling errors are quickly taken care of.

This is a great plugin for your peace of mind! You will feel confident that your UI and web projects don't have any silly typos.

10. Arc

Arc plugin for Figma

Easily adding arc to text is one of the most satisfying features a designer can ask for. That's why Arc is one of the most desired plugins in the Figma Community.

More specifically, Arc lets users curve texts upward, downward, and into a circle. While it sounds so simple, you will be amazed how at how useful this plugin can be.

Trust us, when you need that final touch to make your design perfect, Arc will be there for you.

11. Blush

What kind of crazy creators would we be if we didn't include Blush in our list of the dopest plugins for Figma?!

In our eyes, Figma and Blush are a match made in heaven. They're up there in history with other great duos like peanut butter and jelly, spaghetti and meatballs, or cookies and milk (for those wondering, yes, I am very hungry while writing this). In all seriousness, combining your creativity with the Blush plugin and Figma can be game-changing for your designs.

What's makes using Blush's Figma plugin so great?

For one, adding and customizing illustrations directly on your canvas is a smooth and seamless process. In just a few clicks, you can have your own perfect doodles for all your project needs.

In addition to having custom doodles directly on your canvas, the Blush plugin supercharges your design workflow! Now that you can customize directly on the canvas, you save tons of time that would normally be used customizing, downloading, and uploading.

Using these two together is a fun way to quickly bring vibrance to your projects while working in real-time with your teammates.

What Are Your Favorite Plugins?

Do you have a collection of favorite Figma plugins you love using with Blush? We would love to know! We can't wait to see all the awesome ways you improve your creations.

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