10 Free Customizable Illustrations for Your Projects

A list of fully customizable illustration systems for your website, content, presentations, prototypes, or any project!

Gaby Araujo

Looking for free vector illustrations to download, but don’t know where to find them? Don’t sweat it: we’ve got you covered with our collections of free illustrations for websites or any other project.

Graphic elements are a powerful way to express your brand value. That's why illustrations play a massive role in websites, social media, and so on: they help you take your visual messaging to the next level. Well-crafted doodles are part of many brand identities, their colors catching the wandering eye, and their designs portraying the brand's most human, sensitive side, allowing customers to approach them on a more personal level.

Illustrations are more popular among emerging brands, especially those who want to leave a long-lasting impression on their customers. But, let's face it. Some companies might not have the budget to afford an illustrator or graphic designer who can summarize their brand's story in a picture or even find one that can successfully convey their brand identity. This is why more and more companies opt for free illustrations for commercial use as they come with a helpful feature: they're fully customizable—and can speed up your design workflow.

Here at Blush, we know how powerful a set of illustrations can be, but we also know how complicated it is to recognize which one to pick. That's why we've put together a list of illustration packs at your disposal so that you can add bold colors and personality to your brand. Be sure to check each one of them and pick the one that resonates the most with your story!

Top Free Illustrations for Personal and Commercial Use

1. Stuck at Home by Mariana González Vega

Stuck at Home showcases the simplicity of spending an afternoon by your couch or bed. A particularly good pick if you want to show your brand's cozy side (or add some joy during the lockdown!)

2. Family Values by Verónica Iezzi

Memorable moments with family and friends need outstanding illustrations like the ones available in our Family Values collection. You can customize the main characters and add diversity to your family scenarios!

3. Croods by Vijay Verma


Modern and fun illustrations that you can customize! The Croods collection makes life look so vibrant through its bold designs and strong colors, and fully expressive characters!

4. Humaaans by Pablo Stanley

Add a humaaan touch to your compositions with our Humaaans collection, which enables you to customize people of every kind to add diversity and multicultural experiences into your website.

5. Fancy Plants by Susana Ortiz

We all love plants, so why not? Fancy Plants is all about adorning your website with modern-looking plant doodles and adding a homely vibe to your brand. Because who doesn't love the smell of flowers in the morning?

6. Big Shoes by Elina Cecilia Giglio

Big characters for big ventures! Our Big Shoes collection will take your brand to the next level with its cast of friendly characters living to their fullest.

7. Happy Bunch by Pablo Stanley

This collection's characters are bouncy, cheerful, and ready for a dope situation! Be sure to try Happy Bunch out if you want to share your brand's good vibe with your customers.

8. Power Moves by Isabela Humphrey


Power Moves is a fantastic set of illustrations for the color-lovers. This collection mixes cool backgrounds with a splash of color and bold designs that will help your brand stand out among its competitors!

9. Cityscapes by Pablo Stanley

Create towns, cities, and hilly scenes with this landscape-focused collection called Cityscapes. If your brand is all about location, or location is one of its main features, be sure to include our customizable illustrations into your website for an online abroad experience!

10. Cool Kids by Irene Falgueras

Cool Kids is an illustration system of vibrant and abstract characters. Very unique situations and poses that you can only find in this library! Life will be so cool with these illustrations.

Some Final Pointers

  1. Go with the best quality! You can access thousands of illustrations in SVG file format. Ideal if you want to resize them without losing the quality and customize as you please. You can use these free illustrations vector files on your website, mobile app, presentation, book cover, or any other commercial venture you hop into, without losing any pixel of quality in any of them.
  2.  Make some exciting combos. Everyone has creative superpowers. Why not use them? Mix and match these illustrations until you get the result that fits your brand and story. There are endless combinations, really!
  3. Discover doodles made by incredible artists. These makers are sharing their art for free to help you grow your brand and speed up your workflow. Attribution isn't required but why not give them some love and credit? Spread the love they spread to you!

Ready to mix and match some illustrations? Let's get creative. Thank you for supporting the ever-growing movement of open design!