10 Free Illustration Packs for Your Website

Looking for the perfect illustration pack to upgrade your website? Check out these 10 free collections of customizable doodles!

Jay Perlman

We're back again to highlight 10 free illustration collections made by some of the most talented artists from around the world. But before we dive into the hand-drawn goodness, it's important to remind ourselves why we dedicate time to designing, illustrating, and doodling.

First of all, illustrations give projects a human element and make them way more fun! That's one reason why many of us are in the business of doodles: to create emotions and connect with other people through visual mediums.

Doodle characters from different collections on Blush

Plus, featuring beautiful illustrations can be hugely important to the success of UI/UX, websites, branding, or even for a wine bottle cover. Basically what this boils down to is that no matter what task you are working on, quality doodles can be key to making your websites unforgettable and visually stunning.

That's why having unlimited free vector illustrations is like having endless secret creative weapons up your design sleeves!

So before you hop off to start composing amazing designs, check out this week's highlighted free collections, and see how they can possibly help your brand identity scale up to that next level of dopeness.

Top Free Illustrations for Personal and Commercial Use

1. 'The Munchies' by Elsma Ramirez

free illustration website food

Mmmmmm can't you just taste these mouth-watering doodles through the screen?! These scrumptious illustrations are excellent for UI on any food-delivery app, or can also serve as yummy visuals for a physical menu!

So whether it's a project that needs a single hot dog or a giant doodle banquet, 'The Munchies' mixes and matches the most delicious looking illustrations.

2. 'Squiggles' by Pablo Stanley

Free abstract doodles and shape illustrations for websites by Pablo Stanley

An abstract doodle here or a squiggly illustration there can be all the difference between an interface that's 'meh' and one that's 'WOW'. 'Squiggles' provides you with a set of quirky abstractions that can bring a visual vibrance to any canvas.

3. 'Shiny Happy' by Brandon Mendoza

Hero header example with Shiny Happy illustrations

If you're in need of a collection of customizable doodles that rock hard, 'Shiny Happy' is the collection you're looking for. This collection is packed with exciting and active characters that are perfect for creating exciting websites that are welcoming and fun.

'Shiny Happy' also has a fun avatar generator, jolly scenes that are perfect for UX projects, and the most rad spot illustrations of everyday items.

4. 'Tech Life' by Karthik Srinivas

Free illustrations from the collection Tech Life

Clean, minimal, and absolutely stylish, 'Tech Life' is the ideal collection for tons of different types of web projects. These customizable illustrative scenes are a surefire way to make sure that users, audiences, and viewers never forget your product!

5. 'Open Figures' by Bonnie Kate Wolf

free illustration website colorful diverse

We live in a diverse and dynamic world, and Bonnie Kate Wolf absolutely nails that beautiful vibe with 'Open Figures' and her free vector illustrations. For a composition that needs some bright and eclectic diversity, there are few collections that have this range of awesome doodle characters, bold scenes, and unique avatars.

Use 'Open Figures' for a warm and welcoming onboarding process, or try out their avatars for the live chat on your company website!

6. 'Street Life' by Yong

Street Life illustrations for websites

'Street Life' by Yong is pure, unfiltered, DOPENESS. These characters immediately add a cool touch of toughness to any branding projects. Start designing packages, album covers, or websites with these rad characters.

Plus as a fun little doodle bonus get another set of wild avatars top match your free spirit!

7. 'People of Brooklyn' by Laura Supnik

free illustration website people of brooklyn

Designing a hip-looking interface is a quick way to make a mobile app 10x more memorable in the eyes of a user. Good thing that the customizable illustrations in 'People of Brooklyn' capture the chill essence of the hippest place in the world, making them excellent additions for a smooth composition.

8. 'Allura' by Vijay Verma

free illustration website colorful

Captivating audiences with bright, colorful, and bold compositions is a great way to make your projects memorable. If you have some slides on a deck, presentation, or pitch, then 'Allura' is a collection that is A) packed with dope character illustrations, and B) excellent for creative storytelling.

9. 'Dayflow' by Pau Barbaro

free illustration website kawaii

Super-charged with positivity is one way you could describe 'Dayflow'. However you choose to describe it, this kit of illustrations inspired by people, cats, coffee, and a whole lot of colorful goodness, can help be the light touch needed for your brand messaging.

10. 'Tutto Ricco' by Jorge Margarido

free illustration website art

Having a smooth and sleek web design isn't easy... Unless you are using this collection of ultra fuego doodles. This hand-illustrated system drips with charisma which almost guarantees that your creations will be remarkable and memorable. Simply put, you can't go wrong with 'Tutto Ricco'.

Some Final Thoughts!

  1. Keep your eye out for the latest design trends this year! A bunch of cool things are shaping the way creators design the world of personalization with color palettes, 3D graphics, dynamic abstractions, and tons of other dope things!
  2. Mixing and matching is key for illustrating your message! Having unlimited customizable downloads is a one-way ticket to your perfect brand identity.

Now, it's time to start doodling up something rad with Blush illustrations—and you can try it for free!

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