6 Remarkable Illustrators to Follow

Discover 6 illustrators that you should be following! Check out their collections and other projects they're working on.

Jay Perlman

It can be easy to forget that for each collection of visually stunning doodles there's an incredibly talented artist who has crafted a story into a work of art. That's why we are back to highlight 6 new designers and illustrators whose work is not only amazingly beautiful but also highly inspiring.

Each of these creators has its own special and unique style, which allows their work to be mixed, matched, and customized in countless ways. Their talents contribute to the ever-growing ocean of creative genius, and we can honestly say that we're always inspired by the magic they consistently make.

So without further fanfare, here are the mega-talented creators you should be following.

1. Laura Supnik

portrait of Laura Supnik with her illustration collection People of Brooklyn

๐Ÿ“Brooklyn, New York | Freelance Illustrator

Who's Laura and why should you follow her? โ€” Illustration is nothing new to Laura. In fact, Laura Supnik has been mastering her artistic skills since her childhood days of taking classes at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Just one look at her chic and modern style makes it clear that Laura has a professional level of creative appeal that is truly one-of-a-kind.

But don't just take my word for it! Ms. Supnik has had some major league clients to back up her impressive skillset: Sweetgreen, Urban Outfitters, and Converse are just a couple of industry leaders who have featured her stunning visuals.

True to her surroundings, Laura's collection 'People of Brooklyn' is the latest of her systems to be featured on Blush. It's trendy, chill, and filled with hip characters that are just right for making modern compositions

Illustrations from the collection People of Brooklyn by Laura Supnik

๐Ÿ‘€ Discover 'People of Brooklyn' by Laura Supnik

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2. Irene Falgueras

Portrait of Irene Falgueras plus illustrations from her collection Cool Kids

๐Ÿ“Amsterdam, Netherlands | Product Designer & Illustrator

Who's Irene and why should you follow her? โ€“ Irene is a legit veteran of the product design space, and it's easy to see that with just one look at her portfolio. But her work extends far beyond her accolades in product design, as she is also undeniably skilled when it comes to making rad illustration systems!

Her recognizable artistic touch stands out in a fun and distinct way, which is why her doodles have attracted their fair share of super-fans. For one example, 'Cool Kids', her premier Blush collection, strikes that perfect blend of familiar and fantastic, making it ideal for a wide variety of visual projects.

Illustrations by Irene Falgueras

๐Ÿ‘€ Discover 'Cool Kids' by Irene Falgueras

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3. Jorge Margarido

Photo of Jorge Margarido and his illustrations from Tutto Ricco

๐Ÿ“Porto, Portugal | Illustrator, Designer, & Daydreamer

Who's Jorge and why should you follow him? โ€“ If you're looking for illustrations that ooze swag, confidence, and just overall coolness, then look no further because Jorge's artistic set of doodles are pure heat.

Jorge brings a flair to his artistic illustrations that's honestly unmatched. His distinctive looks bring out emotions that very few collections can emulate, which is just one of the reasons that his set of illustrations in 'Tutto Ricco' are in high-demand for creative projects.

So if you're looking to add some bang to your compositions, a great place to look is in the doodles of Mr. Margarido. It is a guaranteed way to attract positive attention to your projects.

Illustrations from the collection Tutto Ricco and more of Jorge's work

๐Ÿ‘€ Discover 'Tutto Ricco' by Jorge Margarido

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4. Leni Kauffman

Leni Kauffman portrait with doodles from her collection Fresh Folk

๐Ÿ“London, UK | Illustrator

Who's Leni Kauffman and why should you follow her? - Doodles that are both fresh and diverse are becoming more popular in the design world, and Leni Kauffman's work is one of the best examples of this type of art out there.

Her eclectic taste and sleek modern style make for some of the warmest and most personable doodles we've ever seen. These illustrations are the ideal match for tons of UI projects, web design, and so much more, and they are deeply representative of a world that is more beautiful because of its uniqueness.

For a clear-cut example of her tremendous talents, one only needs a mere second of browsing her collection 'Fresh Folk' to understand her wonderful skill.

Illustrations by Leni Kauffman

๐Ÿ‘€ Discover 'Fresh Folk' by Leni Kauffman

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5. Pau Barbaro

Portrait of Pau Barbaro and illustrations from Dayflow

๐Ÿ“Buenos Aires, Argentina | Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Who's Pau Barbaro and why should you follow her? โ€“ If you're into things that are bright, bubbly, and full of positive energy, you will love the stunning work by Pau Barbaro. Her doodles and compositions not only brighten up the projects they are featured on but somehow brighten up the overall mood as well!

The mix of colorful doodles and exciting banners just pops with happiness and fun, and when it comes to improving projects, her collection 'Dayflow' is a game changer. Honestly, it just takes a moment to discover the vivid positivity that shines from her doodles.

Pau Barbaro work

๐Ÿ‘€ Discover 'Dayflow' by Pau Barbaro

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6. Brandon Mendoza

Photo of Brandon Mendoza and his illustrations

๐Ÿ“Mexicali, Mexico | Illustrator & Character Designer

Who's Brandon Mendoza and why should we follow him? โ€“ Like the man himself, Brandon Mendoza's body of work is pure dopeness. Of course he brings a unique style to his illustrations, but more than that, his doodles bring some serious energy.

That's why he's part of the Blush team! His immense skillset delivers tons of awesome and fun characters that bring a vigorous sense of enjoyment and life to any composition they are a part of.

Get a look for yourself in his collection 'Shiny Happy'; even the name spurs feelings of elation and positivity! So if you are looking to add a bit of metaphorical sunshine to your creations, you got a friend in Brandon.

๐Ÿ‘€ Discover 'Shiny Happy' by Brandon Menoza

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Which one of our illustrators' work have you been feeling lately? Let us know!

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