How to Design the Perfect Postcard in Seconds

Postcards and eCards are still a hit! With this complete guide, you can learn how to make an absolutely stunning one from start to finish.

Jay Perlman

Is there anyone out there who doesn't love receiving a stunningly personalized postcard? Not many is our guess! After all, there are very few ways to express a more human and heartfelt message than a delightful little piece of postage. That's why they are so popular not only for sending a loving message to friends, families, and colleagues but also for deploying super compelling marketing campaigns.

What's even better is that the more customized they are, the more delightful they become! Plus, making custom eCards and postcards that brim with empathy and personality are much easier than one might think!

Examples of Christmas cards decorated with illustrations

From formatting to the artistic touch, we'll cover the steps you need in order to create eCards and postcards that are exceptionally beautiful and unique.


If you're doodling up a postcard with customizable illustrations, of course, you'll want to start off by knowing the dimensions. Sending off postage with the correct requirements will save you time and any potential hassle with postal services.

1. Physical cards

Before you start designing and customizing postcards, make sure to keep in mind 4.25 x 6 inches. This is the standard postcard size that one sees at kiosks and post offices alike, so you can rest assured that this dimension is ideal.

Illustration of postcard dimensions

Plus, in addition to being ideal for postal purposes, these dimensions just so happen to be the perfect size for a piece of refrigerator art!

2. eCards

If you're looking to avoid the hassle of heading to the post office altogether (who could blame you, after all?) then eCards are the way to go. There are a couple of different recommendations out there for eCards, but ideally, you want to keep your cards between 600-650 pixels wide, and 450-600 pixels long.

In terms of file type, JPEG or PNGs are the best routes for a quality composition that fits nicely into those dimensions. Obviously, with a full library of vector doodles in high-res, there won't be any shortage of PNGs for eCards ;).

Illustration of an ecard template with dimensions

Composition Is Key

Designing cards means working with a smaller canvas, so you'll want to plan the layout accordingly! Here are the tips you should keep in mind when creating a well-balanced and effective postcard or eCard:

  • Keep the message simple and straightforward
  • Doodling is great! But try not to clutter the canvas with too many elements
  • Colors that pop are a perfect addition
  • For marketers, keep the copy quick and to the point
  • For families, friends, and others, there are no restrictions. Go nuts!

Lastly, a little pro tip if you're thinking of mailing your card, within the composition, make sure to leave space for postage! This will ensure that the card gets to its destination safe and sound, while also demonstrating some of your design savviness along the way.

Birthday postcard design

Friends and Family Love Postcards!

It's important to stress that there are a bunch of cool, useful, and fun ways to use cards! While cards were mostly for corresponding with loved ones and amigos in faraway lands, both postcards and eCards have been adapted for marketing and business purposes.

Why is this such an essential step in designing the perfect letter? Because knowing your audience is key before you start making the composition and crafting your message.

Types of Cards

An eCard for holidays or a postcard to wish a friend well is still a popular way to tell someone you care. So popular in fact that millions of cards are sent each year, and this custom doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon.

But if you're a newbie (or just need fresh ideas), here are some examples of good times to send a thoughtful bit of postage:

  • Anniversaries
  • Weddings
  • Back to school
  • Get well soon cards
  • Graduations
  • Christmas
  • And birthdays DUH!
Holiday card design featuring Dayflow doodles

Sending a postcard with your own design is guaranteed to hit home more than a simple Hallmark card, and is 10000x more likely to end up a lasting note instead of going in the recycling bin!

Knowing the occasion will set the tone and the mood, and from there, you can begin deciding what kind of design elements you'll incorporate into the card composition.

Postcards Are an Outstanding Marketing Option

Postcards are a phenomenal way to put a beautiful marketing touchpoint into a potential customer's hands. This is where stunning creativity translates into better sales and brand recognition.

Many of the same composition rules apply for marketing as they do with cards for family and friends, but there are a handful of key things to keep in mind.

Punchy Copy for Cards

Keep postcard and eCard copy punchy and to the point. Short copy is best suited for postcards in order to make use of the limited space, which is important to save for an eye-popping visual.

Also, you'll want to make sure that the Call-to-Action (CTA) stands out within your limited copy, as you'll want customers to act on your offer.

The most important thing with copy is that the point gets across quickly and clearly while also aligning with the visual composition. Plus, you'll be saving space for the illustrations which are the key element here.

Doodle it up!

We think doodles work well for basically any composition out there, but especially for cards! illustrations are excellent for setting a tone and conveying a message, plus, they are great for drawing attention towards the CTA in both eCards

Postcard design with doodles from Tutto Ricco

So while bills, packages, and subscriptions dominate our mailboxes and inboxes, a card with stunning visuals is a winning way to grab some extra attention from customers.

Get Started with Blush Templates!

What kind of monsters would we be if we didn't provide our awesome community of creators with a dope Figma card template to go with our handy design guide?

With our template as a starting point, the key building blocks are at your creative disposal. Now there are countless ways to create beautiful marketing material or a stunning personal message quickly and efficiently.

The only thing left is actually taking your delightful card to the post office (or click send email...), and your doodled up creation is on its way!

As always, send us your creative postcards and eCards by tweeting at us! We never get tired of seeing the super-dope creations you've #MadeWithBlush!

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