12 YouTube Channels to Follow for Creative Inspiration

Inspiration is everywhere. The hardest part is finding it! But we've done all the hard work for you and listed 12 of our favorite YouTube channels.

Gabriela Ross

Whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner, writer, designer, or student, you can find inspiration for almost anything you're looking for on YouTube.  But once you're at it, you could spend hours trying to find a video that teaches you something new—Been there, done that!

That's why we've put together this list of 12 YouTube channels to spark your creativity and keep you moving and grooving!

Most of the videos from these channels will help you get new resources and learn about new topics of design, arts, and creativity. Grab a cup of—whatever drink you love— and take a look!

12 YouTube channels to get creative and learn new hacks!

1. TED

TED stands for technology, entertainment, and design. TED is a nonprofit that covers various topics, from science to business to global issues. This organization created TED Talks to spread and share ideas with all sorts of communities around the world. That's how this channel became so popular. And it is worth mentioning that people who give TED Talks are leading academics, artists, scientists, activists, and many other experts.

As stated by them, the big goal of TED is: How can we best spread great ideas? And honestly, that's what makes this channel a must-watch. You get to see all types of videos and exciting topics all in one. Plus, the conferences are in a short form lecture, so the speakers go right to the point. That's how you get to the exciting part from the very beginning.

2. SketchTogether

Oh yesss! We included SketchTogether, a channel dedicated to all things UX/UI design, and sometimes even illustration tips.

The fun part about this channel is that you can see the sketching process from start to finish. And not everything is about sketches, you can look at Figma tutorials, learn illustration tips with different tools and techniques, and you can even see real-life examples of how to use the Blush plugin to get the most out of it! It's like learning by doing—or watching!

Check out this video about Doodle Ipsum, a new product we just launched:

3. The Futur

TheFutur is a YouTube channel that you can't miss. With almost 2 million subscribers, The Futur focuses on five main topics: Mindset, marketing, sales and negotiations, and pricing and motivation. TheFutur is not only on YouTube; it is an online education platform designed to help creative professionals. Briefly, TheFutur helps you discover how to make a living doing what you love. Sounds ambitious, but sure it's possible!

4. AIGA Design

AIGA is the oldest and largest professional membership organization for design. You can find videos from AIGA conferences, interviews, awards, and more on their YouTube channel. You don't have to be an expert in design to follow this channel. It is a great resource to learn about the impact of design across different disciplines, as "One Designer, One Work," where the designer showcases one meaningful work and shares the challenges and inspirations of that project. You can watch the full video here.

5. Big Think

Big Think shares lessons from the world's greatest thinkers & doers for their growing audience of 3.35 million subscribers. If you're up for getting smarter faster, then make sure you follow BigThink on YouTube. They share daily videos, and you can also check their website for written articles and updates.

Check out this video from Big Think called Creativity: The science behind the madness.

6. Sea Lemon

This channel by Jennifer Bates is all about bookbinding, stationery, art/doodle challenges, and print patterns. With these videos, you can learn how to draw and paint, exploring different materials and techniques.

Some of these videos include fun art challenges or DIY projects to get you motivated or to help you relax! Click here to view some of Sea Lemon's videos.

7. Femke  Design

This channel by Femke, a Product Designer, covers everything from UX design to user research, prototyping, and product. The videos you'll find here are based on Femke's career, such as her job learnings, side projects, and sometimes she also recommends design and no-code tools.

8. The Art Assignment

The Art Assignment is a weekly production by PBS Digital Studios, hosted by Sarah Urist Green, the author of "You Are an Artist," a book we included in this article about book recommendations to unleash your inner designer.

As their description says, this YouTube channel explores art and art history through the lens of things happening today.

Do you remember the $150,000 banana? Sarah Urist explains why it captured our curiosity and how it became such a hit in this video.

9. Nas Daily

Nas Daily started as a vlog of one-minute daily videos by Nuseir Yassin. Nas Daily's audience has grown to over 40+ million followers across Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok. And yes, that's a lot of people! But why include this channel in our list? Because Nas Daily creates videos worldwide, discovering stories from different people with ideas and experiences worth sharing, including amazing inventions, outliers, and unique places. Remember, knowing what others are doing helps you boost your imagination for your projects too. Check out Nas Daily here.

10. Anoosha Syed

Anoosha Syed is a freelance illustrator based in Toronto, Canada. In her channel, she shares her art process to help you learn more about drawing and illustrations. She also talks about her experiences and learnings since she has worked with clients including Google, Disney Jr., and Netflix!

Anoosha's channel is an excellent option if you're interested in learning how to create your illustrations and see the step-by-step process that she follows.

11. Bobby Chiu

Do you know who designed Baby Yoda? That's what you'll learn in these videos by Bobby Chiu. He shares interviews with the artists and creatives behind the most iconic characters and your favorite movies! Plus, you can learn how to paint in different styles with tutorials and mini-lessons on other aspects of art and illustration genres.

And the answer for Baby Yoda: It was the concept artist Christian Alzmann!

12. Proko

Last but not least! Proko is an educational channel created by the artist and teacher Stan Prokopenko. It's a top-rated channel because of his tutorials and the other instructors and recognized artists that appear on his videos. If you're new to drawing, Proko has videos for learning the basics and helps you identify the most accessible starting point and some valuable techniques for beginners.

Feeling inspired and ready for your next creative project?

Videos are one of the best ways to learn. With these YouTube channels, you have more resources to boost your creativity, find helpful tutorials, and check out what's going on out there! These videos are captivating, entertaining, and informative, so you'll always catch up on something new.

From these 12 YouTube channels, you're sure going to find one you like! Once you choose, jump right to Figma to get our free templates with illustrations. You'll find authentic eye-catching styles for your next creative project, whether it's for social media posts, a deck template, podcast covers, an app UI, etc.

Don't forget to drop us a line at @Blushdesignapp; we'd love to know if you liked these videos or if you have other YouTube channels we should know about!

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