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Let everyone on your team, even non-designers, use illustrations that are always on brand, easily available, and... actually, kinda fun!
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Share your story in a gorgeous way

Fits your brand

Create engaging content that speaks directly to your audience. From colors to characters, you make the magic!

Consistency first

Create a cohesive message across all of your platforms with beautiful and consistent illustrations.

More designs in half the time

Boost your productivity and design workflow with our library of 10,000+ illustrations and smart features.

Trusted by different teams

Blush is one of those products you use for the first time and realize how much it can make your life easier almost immediately. It makes creating unique illustrations fun, easy, and enjoyable.

Houssein Djirdeh, Developer Advocate

Blush enabled us to have high quality for everything that we did, but in a way that didn't take six hours. It let us, on debate nights, pull out graphics in 60 seconds.

Robyn Kanner, Creative Director

After working through a lot of SVG-to-web issues with other design tools, I have a whole new appreciation for how seamless, effortless, and beautiful Blush itself is as a product and the illustrations within it.

Caitlin Sowers, UX Designer

For everyone on your team

It’s fun!

Blush is straightforward and easy to use, so everyone in your team has fun creating and editing doodles like a pro.

You have control

Give creative control to everyone in your team to customize every little aspect of your illustrations.

On your favorite tools

Use Blush across your favorite tools like Sketch and Figma.

Import your team's illustration systems

Seamless deployment

Blush allows you to distribute assets across your teams regardless of the tools they use.

Use your own assets!

Make all your illustration systems available on Blush and speed up your team's workflow with our features.

1-click color customization

Allow your team to iterate quickly with our unlimited color filters! Automagically adjust the colors of hundreds of illustrations in seconds.

Unlock your team's

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