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Leni Kauffman

An American-Japanese illustrator currently living and working in London.
2 系列

Karthik Srinivas

Product designer & Illustrator based out of Bangalore.
2 系列

Ayesha Rana

Ayesha Rana is an independent artist based in San Francisco. Her work is colorful, vibrant and exhibits her absolute love for worms in both digital, analog and spatial mediums.
1 系列

Ana Copenicker

UI/UX Designer and Illustrator from Portugal based in Berlin, Germany. Her work is inspired by minimalism and colorful patterns.
1 系列

Susana Ortiz

Artist from Baja, Mexico. Color is essential in my life and my work reflects it among my paintings. Abstract and floral designs are my main style.
1 系列

Elina Cecilia Giglio

UX | UI Designer who loves to doodle, illustrate, and moving stuff. Jumping into remote... Before part of Mercado Libre UX , y Eventbrite ❤️
1 系列

Ivan Mesaroš

A Serbian illustrator telling compelling visual stories through playful characters, bold shapes and bright colors.
2 系列

Gustavo Pedrosa

Freelance illustrator from Brazil.
1 系列

Vijay Verma

A design chef cooking design.
2 系列

Bonnie Kate Wolf

Illustrator and brand designer. Originally from San Francisco.
1 系列

Laura Supnik

A freelance illustrator living in Brooklyn, New York. Worked with brands like Converse, and Urban Outfitters.
1 系列

Diana Aguilar Ortiz

Mexican Graphic Designer and Illustrator.
1 系列

Pau Barbaro

An illustrator and graphic designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina with a multidisciplinary approach.
2 系列

Elsma Ramirez

AKA Les, Colombian Product Designer and Artist based in SF.
1 系列

Pablo Stanley

Designer, illustrator, musician, and comics writer.
8 系列

Jorge Margarido

Illustrator, Designer & daydreamer currently based in Porto.
2 系列

Deivid Saenz

Visual and interaction designer. Illustration is my favorite mean of expression.
2 系列

Veronica Iezzi

An illustrator and graphic designer who loves working with a flat colors style and create cute characters full of personality.
1 系列


Yong is a self-taught artist who for more than a decade shares a world of colors. Inspired by the pop culture and the urban behavior of the big cities
2 系列

Susana Salas

Visual designer and illustrator from Costa Rica. I find inspiration in people, plants, and the simple things of life that brings joy
2 系列

Mariana Gonzalez Vega

Designer and illustrator. She finds inspiration in life itself, like coffee in the morning or a starry night.
3 系列

Isabela Humphrey

Isabela is a visual designer and illustrator currently based in Mexico City. Her work is inspired by the vibrant and colorful culture that surrounds her.
1 系列

Irene Falgueras

Product Designer originally from Spain, currently based in the Netherlands. I have too many sketchbooks. And a persistent enthusiasm to create new things.
2 系列

Mariana Pedroza

Internet curious and artist based in Mexico City.
1 系列

Manuela Langella

Surface Pattern Designer & Illustrator.
1 系列

Sofia Salazar

Freelance Illustrator & Brand Designer focused on Product and Editorial Design projects.
1 系列

Sara Pelaez

Product Designer. Illustrator. Salsa Dancer. Coffee Lover.
1 系列

Cezar Berje

Cezar Berger aka Berje (Guararema, 1990) lives and works in Sao Paulo, Brasil. Focused in art direction, branding and illustration. Currently working as Branding Lead at fintech Cora, previously as Brand Illustrator at Nubank, also acting as freelancer.
1 系列

Brandon Mendoza

An Illustrator and character designer!
1 系列